Brave Noise / ブレイブ ノイズ

Definitive Brewing Co. / ディフィニティブブリューイング
スタイルペールエール - Hazy Pale Ale / New England Pale Ale



We're here today to make some noise in solidarity with all of the other great breweries that have taken the same stance we have in regards to an equal working environment for all. Brave Noise is a collaboration with every like-minded brewery that has proven themselves to be a staunch supporter of women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and BIPOC rights. The beer industry as a whole wouldn't be where it is today without the great contributions from so many people from so many different backgrounds and life experiences. Beer is and always has been a unifier and we believe strongly that workplace equality is of the utmost importance. Every drop of this beer will spread awareness for the victims of harassment, racism and gender discrimination. We hear you, and we want better for the beer community as well. This easy drinking 5.8% pale ale is a very different offering from us. We dialed back our normal dry hop portfolio and focused more on the precision of the grain bill and cellaring schedule. Sabro and Mosaic are the headliners in this brew. It tastes and smells like tropical coconut cocktails, tangerine sorbet, and melted creamsicles.


Definitive Brewing Co. / ディフィニティブブリューイング
メーン州ポートランド / Portland, ME


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週末に飲んだブレイブノイズはバランスの魔術師かもしれない ◎