Sunken Dream / サンクンドリーム

DEEDS BREWING / ディーズ ブルーイング
スタイルIPA - RED IPA / レッドIPA


オーストラリア産のCoopers Pale MaltとBarrett Burston Munich Malt 、ニュージーランド産のGladfield Shepherd’s Delight Maltを組み合わせたほのかなモルトの甘みと、Simcoe、Centennial、Citraのクラシックかつ鮮やかなホップアロマが、絶妙なバランス生み出すRed IPA。

If this red IPA was on Mars, would it not be just called IPA? In fact, why aren't IPAs here on Earth blue and green? And why, if that’s the case, don't we just call them IPAs if they’re not red here?!

This is a conversation that could have happened in a 1970s London pub after a Bowie gig and numerous pints. But much like that conversion we digress…

Dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend, we ask the question?

Is there life on Mars?

Also… do they want an IPA for their Red Planet.