Citra Paradox / シトラ パラドックス

Equilibrium Brewery / イクリブリウムブルワリー
スタイルIPA - Hazy Double IPA / Hazy W-IPA


Citra Paradox uses a 2-row and chit malt base and our proprietary Past and Present yeast blend along with a supersized whirlpool of Citra T90s, Citra Incognito, and Citra Lupomax before a Citra T90 and Citra Lupomax dry hop.
Citra Paradox (DIPA) pours a deeply saturated yellow, with fragrant citrus limeade aromas. Flavors overflow with notes of orange juice concentrate, milky mango custard, apricot jam, lychee passion fruit cream, and key lime pie. Citra Paradox has a body that is soft and creamy with a penetrating hoppy bite and is blanketed with a bright honeydew melon flavor from our #EQjuice finish, indeed showing the paradox of what Citra can do under different conditions.