Slow Life / スロウ ライフ

Whiplash Beer / ウィプラッシュ
スタイルスタウト - Stout / スタウト


Introducing Slow Life, our straight up, no messing, no adjunct session NITRO STOUT!!!
Old man Winter is well and truly upon us like a shithead following us around the brewery so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make something we’d always wanted to drink when we’re on the sesh in the cold season. A proper Nitro Stout. Slow Life is all about malt, nuance and balance – taking a simple grist of Floor Malted Pale Malt, Brown Malt, Aromatic and Chocolate with a dash of Columbus in the boil. Fermented on WLP007 and then left the fuck alone. We take pride in this lad being a beautiful mug of absolute pint fuel and while she’s easy drinking you get a beautiful complexity of roasty, bready coffee and soft malt sweetness with an unapologetic bitterness to balance out the whole affair and leave you waiting for your next gulp of soft creamy chocolaty goodness.