Das Wunderkind! / ダスワンダーカインド

Jester King Brewery / ジェスター キング ブルワリー
スタイルその他エール - Wild Ale / ワイルドエール


We're happy to announce the release of our latest batch of Das Wunderkind! Blended Saison.

Das Wunderkind is one of our oldest beers and one of the first to incorporate mature, barrel-aged wild beer. Back in November 2021, we brewed a young, fresh, hoppy farmhouse ale, blended it with mature, barrel-aged wild beer, then gave the blend a fresh dry hop of El Dorado, Motueka, Meridian, and Simcoe. We then naturally conditioned the blend for eight months in the bottle, during which the beer went through a period of ropiness. After bottle maturation, the beer is presenting bright and tropical with crisp, tart acidity and pungent guava and passionfruit flavors and aromas. The combination of time, pressure, and native yeast has a beautiful ability to unlock bold flavors from the dry hops, yielding some of our favorite farmhouse ale. 5.0% abv.