Burst! / バースト

Mikkeller San Diego / ミッケラーサンディエゴ
スタイルIPA - American IPA / アメリカンIPA


ヴァイヤーマン®モルトを使用し、メインのホップにColumbus! ビタリングをしっかり施し、精油由来の柑橘、トロピカルフルーツ、青々とした松の樹脂感にかすかにモルトの甘み。そう、つまりホップが弾ける!クラシックWest Coast IPA。Sierra Nevada、Russian River、Anchorらレジェンドたちへの敬意と愛とホップがたっぷりと込められています。

Utilizing a base of American 2-Row and a touch of the famed Munich Malt from Weyermann Malting, one can expect a touch of fresh breadiness and an ever so subtle malty sweetness.

Backed by a soft hand of Weyermann Carafoam and delicate cellaring & finishing practices, ‘Burst’ presents a crystal clear light-golden adorned by a beautiful and enduring frothy foam.

With a firm dose of Columbus hops for bittering and intense whirlpool additions, ‘Burst’ is our nod to the classic West Coast IPAs from legendary brewers Russian River, Sierra Nevada, and Anchor - who pioneered the bold, and characterful hoppy beers we know and love.

Designed to represent a true West Coast IPA; distinguished layers of tropical fruits, bright citrus and resinous pine lead to a crisp and lasting finish. An enlivened melody of Simcoe & Mosaic, saturated with myrcene and humulene hop oils, complements a linalool-rich dose Citra, generating a massively enjoyable aromatic profile.

Simcoe, Citra, & Mosaic


Mikkeller San Diego / ミッケラーサンディエゴ
9366 Cabot Dr, San Diego, CA 92126