IPA Is Dead Simcoe / アイピーエー イズ デッド シムコー

BREWDOG / ブリュードッグ
スタイルIPA - IPA (Indian Pale Ale) / アイピーエー


IPA is Dead is a mixed 4 pack of single hop IPAs. Using the same base 7.5% beer (a baby Hardcore), IPA is Dead showcases our 4 favourite hops from 4 corners of the planet.

IPA is dead showcases 4 killer hops varieties from 4 different continents. The result is 4 radically different single hop IPAs. Each IPA contains the same malt backbone and is brewed to be 75 IBU and is enthusiastically kettle hopped and dry hopped with Citra, Bramling Cross, Nelson Sauvin or Sorachi Ace.

To appreciate the true character, flavour, power and aroma of our favourite hops you need them in their purest, undiluted form. Can you say you've ever experienced 100% pure hop awesomeness? IPA is Dead is brewed and bottled to do just that.

(Released in 2011)