Never Ever Been Single / ネバー エバー ビーン シングル

West Coast Brewing / ウエストコーストブリューイング
スタイルIPA - Double IPA (W IPA) / ダブルIPA


クリアに輝く一輪の毬花(はな)。待ちに待ったスターの再登場にフロアはざわめき、Hop Dudeたちのテンションは一気に最高潮!


過去作Hazy「Never Been Single」のClear Versionが完成。Mosaicのみをギュウギュウに詰め込んでドライホッピングしたSingle Hop仕様のアロマは、トロピカルフルーツに柑橘Mixなフルーティーさ全開。飲み進めると共に草やハーブなどダンクな印象も。マイルドな甘さの口当たりには、心地よい苦みが優しく広がる。


The Hop Dude is deep in denial. He couldn’t possibly be single… or could he?
He breaks up, and makes up. There’s always an admirer waiting around the corner, as they say. That crazy “frosted glass limo” existence. This isn’t just about some Hop Dude killing it on the dance floor and strutting the sidewalk like some charged aphrodisiac though—this is about finally getting around to being Single, actually. Maybe. Never Ever Been Single is an 8.5% double IPA (that was meant to be hazy) loaded with exactly 1 hop - Mosaic. TBH our Mosaic in the past has kinda sucked. Sometimes in Japan we get the short end of the stick? But the past couple of years have been magnificent (thanks to tons of feedback/listening and lot adjustment wizards) and our Mosaic is nothing short of stellar. It plays so well with other hops that showcasing it alone almost feels like a waste, but here we have it - glorious pineapple and citrus with a dab of diesel dankiness on the nose, and grapefruit / white peach flavor burst with a really nice bitterness to balance - essentially the Mosaic flavor profile verbatim, man.

Never Ever Been Single
Mosaic Single Hop Double IPA / 8.5% ABV
w/Mosaic CRYO & Mosaic