Kira Kira / キラキラ

Godspeed Brewery / ゴッドスピードブルワリー
スタイルラガー - Lager / ラガー


Dating back over 500 years, select families in Germany’s Oberpfalz region were bestowed brewing rights. Many brewers would rely on communal brew houses before fermenting their wort in homespun cellars. Once the beer was ready, Zoiglstube’s would hang a sign from their house to signal their doors were open and that the beer was ready for consumption. Some used brooms, others bushels, but many opted for the six-pointed brewers star, like the one pictured above. The word “Zoigl” is rooted in the German word for “symbol,” which continues to be the short hand used for the beer these communal breweries produce.

After our brewmaster’s travels to the region, we’ve always kept a spark for these flavourful, rustic, and historic Lagers built on community, which is why we couldn’t think of anyone better to produce these beers with.

Kira Kira (Godspeed x True History)
Zoigl-Inspired Lager (5.1% abv)