Kissing The Beehive / キッシング ザ ビーハイブ

Future Mountain Brewing and Blending / フューチャー マウンテン
スタイルその他 - Farmhouse Ale / ファームハウスエール


We love using honey in beer because of the myriad of flavours you can get from using different origins of honey and using the raw product at different stages of brewing can bring out these flavours. For this release of KISSING THE BEEHIVE, the raw honey we used was from Strath Creek which is right near Flowerdale in regional Vic.

KISSING THE BEEHIVE is a Farmhouse Ale that we ferment in oak barriques using one of our house mixed cultures. We added honey in the kettle whirlpool and then a second addition, after primary fermentation, into the barrel and then used honey to prime the bottles & kegs for natural carbonation. Adding the honey in the last two stages of the process really brings the honey flavour to the fore in this beer. Beautiful floral aromas and a lingering, almost waxy, raw honey flavour on the palate is balanced by a textured mouthfeel whilst finishing bright and dry. A highly drinkable and complex farmhouse ale that'll have you, as the name suggests, KISSING THE BEEHIVE!

Barrel Fermented Honey Farmhouse Ale (5.2%)