ULTRALITE / ウルトラライト

Four Winds Brewing / フォーウィンズブルーイング
スタイルIPA - IPA (Indian Pale Ale) / アイピーエー


度数たった2.9%のIPA。生絞りグレープフルーツ、パッションフルーツを思わせる爽やかなホップが香る。薄黄色に軽めのヘイズ。苦味はIPAらしくしっかり目。小さなパッケージながらバランスの良さは流石Four Winds。ドライかつ炭酸も強めで、ホップ感はしっかりありつつも水のごとく飲めてしまうIPA。

Unlock full flavour, while embracing half the strength.
Welcome newcomer, Ultralite- an aromatic, light bodied, tropical, mirage of a pertinacious IPA.
This trim brew delivers a classic piney, resineous bite, uplifted by tropical notes of mango & passionfruit.

Crafted for enthusiasts craving bold flavor without the weight, this IPA defines a new dimension of lightness.
Ultralite beckons with enticing spruce, papaya, guava, and subtle cassis aromas, paving the way for an exploration of vibrant coniferous notes and tropical fruit on the palate.
So, indulge in the richness without the weight – because sometimes, the only heavy thing should be the anticipation. Cheers to the lighter side of life!